Selection of Fabric

Here, too, selection criteria are determined based on the goal to be achieved. What type of event is the dress for? An elegant outfit or business attire is being designed? Will you be the one who is being celebrated, or should you pay attention not to be overdressed?

We have some priorities:

  • The model is selected first and then we buy the suitable fabrics. If we buy the fabrics first, this strongly restricts the freedom of design.

  • We prefer natural fabrics and pay special attention not only to the first-class quality of the appearance but the comfort of the wearer of the dress, as well.

  • Fabrics, style and looks are not independent of one another.

  • We do not compromise on our quality!
  • Last but not least, it consumes the same amount of time and money to sew a nice dress from a synthetic fabric as from silk.

    Our hands do not tremble when we are using high-quality silk, tulle, embroidered or ultra-thin organza, Shantung silk, wool or elastic fabrics.

    We always return unused fabrics and fabric wastes to the customers, so that they may be used in the event of a potential alteration of the garment.