The process

In all cases, the first step is to create harmony among design, styles, fabrics, colours, accessories, the event, the environment, the partner as well as individual characteristics – just to mention the most important aspects.

After the appropriate preparation process, usually three to five fashion sketches are drawn and then we select the one most suitable for you jointly.

If you are unsure about the end result or the design includes expensive fabrics, it is possible to prepare the garment from simpler and cheaper fabrics.

After this, fabrics and accessories are purchased and/or ordered.

During the first fitting, the garment, which is always made on the basis of custom-made sewing patterns, is fitted to the curves of your body. This is when the width is adjusted to be comfortable and optimal and the garment itself and the sleeves are hemmed.

During the second fitting, custom-made sizes and lengths are finalized and then the garment is sewn.

The first meeting and the fittings may be held in our salon or at any place of your convenience.