Clothing tailored to the individual does not engage in mass or small batch production of clothes. We only prepare unique, bespoke garments.

During design and preparation, depending on the type of garment and fabrics to be used, our customers’ attention is drawn to differences arising from monthly and annual changes in dress size.

If a garment is prepared for a specific occasion, we recommend that it should be made close to the date of the event, in order to avoid the need for subsequent alterations.

If one’s dress size changes easily or relatively frequently in either direction, this must be considered when selecting the model and the fabrics.

In our experience, regardless of the size, everyone is dissatisfied of what they see in the mirror. We have a mirror that shows what you want to see or be seen. To do this, our professional experience of more than 25 years as well as the selection of a suitable model and fabrics are both essential.